Monday, January 16, 2017

Christmas: Round Last

Howdy Folks, So... technically Christmas ended a week ago... but... due to the fact I won a game... and then my health went on the fritz... I've only just now gotten to this. So without further Adu. Thank You Guys for the fun Christmas, it wasn't 'normal'... but I can't say it was horrible. 

This actually covers two parties. For the first: Mom's Side of the Family. 

From Papa! Money. (Which believe it or not, after two weeks I've not spent) 
From the "Breakable" Cousins. 

From Shi Thanks Cuz. You see that necklace! IT"S A HORSESHOE!

Next Party, which happened last Sunday. Christmas with family C. 

This actually covers all but 2 of the final items on my top ten wishlist. 

That Snowflake crossstitch is from my BFF. That mug was TWICE the size I was expecting. 

An internal speaker for my computer. And then earrings with V and K on them so I can wear VK during the summer months. 

Cranberry Fudge!... Oh and I got PJ's as well. Now if only it'll get cold so I can wear them.  

And From my editor "Teddy" 

This is one of my characters. It was awesome to finally have her drawn. It was done by my favorite artist: Foxenia Streams Here.

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