Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016 Part 2

So tonight's Christmas was with my Dad's side of the family... and yep, that meant I got to spend time with my family.

 I'll start off with a card I got.
Thanks T&M R
Now onto my loot

From Grandma and Grandpa. (DO I HAVE TO PICK A FAVORITE?)

From A.H. and U.T. and Cousin J. This lapdesk is for car trips. I love to draw in the car, and my desk is... HUGE. And is great for working on my bed, I needed something small. 
Last of the 'from mom and dad'. 

From Uncle Nate, Aunt M, and Cousins A. 

I love this one. Cowgirl's Rule... it's indeed love. Faith, Hope, love... but the greatest is indeed love. 

I just had to share the sheer size of this beauty! I collect fans. This one is my largest. and oh KISH I love it! 

Thank You everybody. 

Cowgirl Out

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  1. It's great you had fun with your famely


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