Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dear Santa

I just realized that I am sitting at one week till my birthday,and even though I am not a party person, people still give me stuff. Currently my room is a pig sty and I do not want trinkets that will only hinder my efforts to clean my room.

Wish One: New Chair for my desk.

Wish Two: Chocolate 

That one isn't that hard to figure out so I won't bother with pictures. Favorite is Dark and mint.

Wish three and Four: Camera stuff

I am Really into photography and movie making so I need... 

SD 16 Gig-64 Gig cards

Batteries for my new Camera and a Charger for the batteries.

Wish five: Horse shirts

Wish Six: A Horse MUG 

I do not own a 'personal mug'

Wish Seven: Aroma defuzer 

Wish Eight: Poll barn for Rabbits/Chickens/ Goats 

Wish Nine: Hammock 

Wish Ten: Sleep ;)

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