Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How to write an Essay.

Greetings everyone, today I am going to attempt to teach you guys how to write an essay. Since I started following people and reading blogs I have noticed that the majority of the youngsters haven't a CLUE on even the ABC's of this fine art. Essay writing is far different than fiction writing because there is no conversation in it, (usually) nor is it supposed to be all that creative. Essays are for stating facts, nothing more nothing less.
I have been writing essays since I was nine years old. I really wish I could have found my very first essay to share with you. However, after searching high, and low, I came up empty handed. I am assuming it is in my school paper box from that year, because that notebook defiantly isn't in my room. Although I do remember it. The essay was on honesty. It got to about 50 words then quit. Kat's got to around 75 words then also quit, Glitter's pushed to 200 then also just quit. Can you guess what I consider the hardest thing? Closing, Yep. (This, I would normally take out because it is a rabbit trail, but for education purposes I shall leave it in.)
To write a good essay you must first sit down and decide on what your topic is. For, without a topic, you will not have an essay. With Fiction writing you can just go fun with characters doing silly thing that dosen't move the plot along. However with Essay writing this is not the case. You have to sit down and think through the entire essay first. Whether you use the ABC system, the spider system, the tree diagram, or whatever.

Spider or mind map

Personally, I prefer to use the spider diagram. The others are nice, and I have used them. However, I find the spider diagram the easiest to use. So before I sit down to write an essay, I sit down with my spider diagram first, and mentally insert the topics into the different squares. Yes, I said Mentally. I hate writing things down, so I am a bit lazy and I just stare at the page talking myself through where I want to put what. This, I suppose, why I forget topics so often. Although, when I started writing essays I did always write everything down first in my diagram. (Which ever one I was assigned to try that essay.)
Once I have a basic outline I go jogging. I take off from my desk and room and head down the road to talk myself through my outline. (This is why I don't write it down.) For every 30 minuets I spend writing, I probably spend an hour thinking, and two, studying. So for this essay I sat down and once I had decided the basic outline of it, I jogged my road twice, (two miles) thinking through exactly what I wanted to say.
Then, I sleep on the idea. Honestly, you would probably get longer posts if I wrote them in the nighttime, but Length isn't the point. The point of the essay is to cover all the bases that you want to cover. It can be 10,000 words long, or 52, just as long as the topic you chose explains what it was the topic is about. Here it being essay writing.
Alright, so I have my diagram, I have thought through what I wanted to say, now is where this gets tricky, putting all those thoughts and ideas into words. Now it is time to write the first draft of your essay. Or as my sister puts it. 'Now it is time to get yourself a rough giraffe.' :facehoof: Let's ignore that for a second, So, I get up early, brush my hair, wash my face, sit down, pull up my word document, then panic? No, Sometimes I do panic if it is an essay that I really don't want to write, and haven't prepared well for. However, most of the time, I just start writing. I start with an introduction. Now, what is an introduction? Let's look at this word for a moment, intro, I know, in Latin means to enter, or inside. Duction... I don't know. Alright you don't know the meaning of a word. What do you do?
You look it up! It is alright to find during the coarse of your essay that you don't know the answer to something. That is what essay writing is all about, discovering answers. Alright so I go up there to the search engine and type in, Latin Dictionary. Since I look up Latin words all the time it immediately sends me over to My favorite place to look up these words. So I search and... come up with all these words but none of them are quite it. So, I back out and go to my other dictionary, Now over here, I can scroll down to the bottom and check to see where a word originated from. As I can see Introduction did originate in Latin. So that dictionary should have given me a definition. So I return to my Latin Dictionary and try again. This time I look more carefully at the words to see if I can figure out which one the root word Duction goes with... But wait! I see my problem now! Duction isn't a root word! tion is an suffix! So Duc is my root word here.
designate, declare intention of giving
I look this up and I immediately have an answer that makes sense. I know the suffix tion means 'state of being.' So I now can figure out what introduction means. It means (approximately) To enter, and declare intention of giving.' Now let's check the dictionary. Now reading through the dictionary definition I pretty much am spot on.
So, when I say I need to Introduce the topic. I am saying I need to enter and present. (you guys see that?) To put it in the terms of my pastor,
"Girl, ya got ta -step in, and say it! Then ya got ta tell it ta them again. And then, just to make sure they understand what ya said. Ya got ta say it to them a third time."
And even then do you miss something. :rainbowlaugh: Alright so you introduce the topic. Up there at the top I did so, so I won't go into this fine art a second time. I am at the B stage of my essay, the B-ody.
Now let's go into it. So, what is a body? It is where you present the argument, information, or whatever so others can understand the introduction. When I first started writing I almost never did anything other than bodies. I said what I wanted to say then got out of there.
Folks, that is not how you do it. A good body is where that outline comes in handy. I now, mentaly, glance through my essay outline checking off all the different things making sure I am where I want to be. Besides missing two points that I have decided is irrelevant. (Who taught me, and how often I do these things) I am exactly where I want to be in this essay.  
The body, in my opinion is the funnest part, because you get to go a bit wild, and, as long as you stay with your points you can do whatever you want. Not quite everything. I don't need to, at that word wild, go off into a tangent about cutting trees in the jungles of Africa! That would just be silly! You don't go off into bunny trails when working on your essay. One of the things I have learned from my English curriculum is how to spot bunny trails, and get rid of them. When you are writing an essay you need to avoid getting off topic. You need to hit your points, efficiently and cleanly. You need to pay attention to your outline, Whether it is a mental, or physical one.
Alright, so you are now done hitting all of your points. Now what? C-losing. The art of a good closing is to quickly hit everything you just said, paying close attention to what you said above. You quickly recap everything and then say farewell.
Alright, you have A-n introduction, A B-ody, and a C-losing. (ABC) You are done right! No, absolutely not. Remember we are still working with a ROUGH giraffe. Now it is time to really stretch your mind and think through everything you know about the English language and how it works. If you can, find yourself a proof reader and/or editor to help you. Let them read over it and point out any flaws in what you just wrote. For me, This is my sister, mother, or grandmother. For blogs getting an editor isn't a must, however most of my essays are for school, and are the entity of my English, and History grades. So when I write I make sure it is as clean as I can get it to make sure I don't get a C or D in those classes. Now, I go back up to the top and read down through everything that I have written checking grammar, spelling, and content.
Alright, Now, i have written the essay, I have a clean, informative introduction, a Efficient body, and conclusive closing. I have sat down and double checked for erros, I have sent it off for editing, I'm done right? Yep, Pretty much. Now, You have to double check your title.
What? double check my title? WHY? Very simply folks, You might have the best essay in the world, but unless it matches the title that you give it, you will never get a good grade. This essay is on how to write an essay. Did I accomplish that? Well... Let me see, As far as how I write essays, it does a good job, however not everyone thinks the same way I do. This is simply my opinion! This whole thing is how I write essays. True I have been doing it for eight years, I have tried may methods, read many books, and have a lot of facts. However the fact of the matter is, this is still only really covering how I do it, because the other methods didn't work for me, I only touched on them.
Alright, knowing that, I read back down through keeping everything I know, everything I have learned, in mind as I think about the title, and essay all the while. Does the title do a good job at capping what the essay is about? I did say how to write. I put in things that the school books teach, so will I change my title from 'How to write an essay,' to 'How do I write Essays'?
No, because an essay is all about showing your point of view, in a clean, informative manner. If someone disagrees, they should write their own, and share it. Or, politely show their point of view to the author of the Essay.
Alright, Now, I have written it, checked my ABC's, grammar, and spelling. I have thought of the title and essay as a whole, I am ready to publish.
So, folks, I hope this helps all of you when trying to write. This is just essay writing, There are many other forms, and in the blogging community they are all, alright. The job of a blog is to share your opinions and ideas, and to help you grow as a writer, and eventually, author. I hope you enjoyed reading about what I do in writing essays. I'll see you all soon, 
V. Kathie Ardnek. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Word Study; Tolerance.


As Most of you know, The last few days I have been going around asking for definitions for the word Tolerance. Why? Because this word kept getting SHOVED in my face and I hadn't a clue what it meant. I would hear someone cry 'tolerance' and immediately I would get a bad taste in my mouth. Why? Because in my mind this is what it meant.

[quote]Tolerance in today’s culture seems to mean accepting anyone & their ideas and habits as long as they’re not Christian, or Christian based. [/quote] (From a member in my church)

But that is what I thought. When I came up with the idea for this word study it was going to be a rant. For I thought it was a synonym to 'approval.' I did not realize that, that is not what it meant at all. Now let's look at the word.

The word Tollo in Latin means-

[quote] Definitions:
lift, raise
remove, steal
take/lift up/away[/quote]

So Tolerance, the beginning means, simply to remove. Remove what?

The second half 'erance' I looked up and the closest I could find was the word 'ancepts' which means,

[quote]ADJ Definitions:
faces two/opposite directions/fronts
two headed/fold/edged/meanings

So very simply the word actually means to remove the opposite directions. Now honestly this surprised me! Remove the opposite directions? Really!

Up until yesterday whenever I heard the Tolerance. The verse 'Judge not lest ye be judged' popped into my head. Not anymore. Now I hear 'Be ye kind, one to another, Tender hearted forgiving one another. Even as God for Christ sake hat forgiven you. Ephesians 4:32

Now let's look at a dictionary. My personal favorite to use is this one.

[quote] 1 A fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, beliefs, practices, racial or ethnic origins, etc., differ from one's own; freedom from bigotry.[/quote] (The link takes you to the whole definition.)

Hum, This word is really shaping into more than what I thought it was. Now I also went around and asked what some of my friends thought this word meant. Some of you decided to go look it up, and I thank all of you who did. Though I wanted it in your own words. The first one to send it back to me was Sir Kestrel. Who said.

[quote]Tolerance, to me, means being able to understand other points of view, even if they're different from your own. It's a process where people come to cope with each other. If we don't tolerate, then we choose hate instead and become a lesser people.[/quote]

With his being the first to come in it probably hit me the hardest. As I said Tolerance to me has always been somewhat of a dirty word. So for someone to say that tolerance helps us be better people really made me step back. As I said this originally was going to be a rant, but I have found that I have learned more during this word study than I have learned during any other. Almost to the point where it was difficult to actually do this post.

The next person to send it in was my dear Friend Crystal.

[quote]Having an opinion against someone's choice.. umm being fair and support ones option..[/quote]

Then Nobel;

[quote]To me the word Tolerance means respecting someone's actions or mannerisms and allowing them freedom for who they want to be.[/quote]

Then Sir CalmSir. Calm sent in his definition.

[quote]The strongest form of acceptance. Seeing and knowing things that you may not agree with, but not letting them sway your judgement of character. Unless the what you see has a direct negative effect on you or those around you... there is no need to speak out against it.[/quote]

Hum... Really. Honestly this is NOT the responses I was expecting. Not at all! Talk about don't check your brain at the door! Now I do say this word is still used WAY too often. Tolerance is a choice, It isn't a must. There are things I will tolerate, and there are things I won't. I will tolerate WJ putting her crafts on my art desk, but if Glitter or Zap try to take over I will have a fit. I like my arias neat and tidy.

Nobody HAS to tolerate anyone. We tolerate because we acknowledge the fact that-

[quote]Acknowledging that we are all different so will have different opinions. [/quote] (mom)

(My Pastor)

[quote]Tolerance is being willing to allow someone else hold a different view than you do. This would include religious, moral, political and other things people disagree about. Tolerating doesn't mean agreeing with or accepting a particular position. There are still right and wrong views. At least as God dictates it. A tolerant person will allow me to hold that position. [/quote]

If you want to read the rest of the definitions I got they are here.

Now to what started this;


I still don't understand how Tolerance has to do with being a brony. There are plenty of shows I like, and there are even more that I don't. Just because someone likes something, or doesn't shouldn't be any of our business. I know people tease. I could be crowned queen of teasing! However I don't understand what liking ponies, or super heroes, or anything else should be a good thing or a bad. I like watching Star Trek, and reading about battle strategies. Those are typically considered a boy things! I love getting dirty and have even been featured in the local news paper for playing with worms! I am a country bumpkin! And you know what, I consider it an HONOR whenever someone calls me a redneck. For that is what I am! I am a God fearing, dirty, redneck who likes the fine things of life, and understanding the way the world works. Is there anything wrong with that? No... Just like there isn't anything wrong for liking to stay clean, neat, and live in apartments.

We are all different, There are some opinions that are more right than others, but I have learned, that if you listen to both extremes on any given subject you will come close to understanding what truly happened. The importiant thing is to sit still and listen, to think before acting, and to understand the situation at hand. If I had done what I had originally planed to do. You all would be ranting on how WRONG I was in my opinion. For it was wrong. Tolerance isn't approving of what others believe or think, it is acknowledging the fact that we are different, and therefore are entitled to an option. It is like what Scotty said in 'Trouble with Tribbles.'

[quote]Easy Lad, Everyone is entitled to an opinion. [/quote]

This quote is immediately followed by the funniest fight scene EVER!

But in closing, I have learned much during this word study and plan to do another one soon. I am glad I have been taught to research, and therefore can look up to see what something means before I go on a rampage on a topic.

I want to thank all of you for reading, and if you have any more comments on this topic, don't be afraid to let me know. I will continue to add definitons to the word doc as long as I keep getting them. Till Next time.

V. Kathie Ardnek Out.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dear Santa

I just realized that I am sitting at one week till my birthday,and even though I am not a party person, people still give me stuff. Currently my room is a pig sty and I do not want trinkets that will only hinder my efforts to clean my room.

Wish One: New Chair for my desk.

Wish Two: Chocolate 

That one isn't that hard to figure out so I won't bother with pictures. Favorite is Dark and mint.

Wish three and Four: Camera stuff

I am Really into photography and movie making so I need... 

SD 16 Gig-64 Gig cards

Batteries for my new Camera and a Charger for the batteries.

Wish five: Horse shirts

Wish Six: A Horse MUG 

I do not own a 'personal mug'

Wish Seven: Aroma defuzer 

Wish Eight: Poll barn for Rabbits/Chickens/ Goats 

Wish Nine: Hammock 

Wish Ten: Sleep ;)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Intro to Strong Woman? Or female Bully?

(this is on both blogs)

In working with my women characters I have realized I need to, for myself define 'What is a strong woman?'

What brought this on was Star Trek's Captain Kathryn Janeway. I am a die hard Trekkie and have watched almost ever single S.T. TV episode. While watching Voyager I was amazed by the character. Star Trek's goal was to make a political statement of 'women can lead too.' After watching the series I was still left with the nagging question of 'what is a strong woman?' and more importantly 'was she a strong WOMAN, or a strong willed person that just happened to be physically a girl. (I will delve into Janeway in a future case)

After watching the series I started pestering my mother on the 'strong woman' issue. I have just finished Door Post's  Polished Cornerstone A Proverbs 31 women curriculum for young girls. The Curriculum delves deep into all the aspects of woman hood, leadership, home making,  honesty, kindness, memorization, Joyfulness, and so forth. So I know what is expected of a woman but I wish to strengthen my skills in developing and spotting Strong Women.

Throughout history leadership has been a 'man's job' with but a few exceptions like Cleopatra, Queen Elizabith, Queen Victoria, Jezebel Ahab's wife, Abigail one of King David's many wives, Esther, Ruth, and others. But there were exceptions. What made the exceptions 'strong'?

For the next bit I will be doing a study examining famous women in history, Women I know personally like my Mother, Grandmother, An adopted Aunt of mine that happens to be a supervisor at McDonald's, and if I can My former Boss at the Equestrian Center I used to work at, as well as two or three Pastor's wives I know. Fictional women like Cinderella's stepmother,Captain Janeway, Concealer Diana Troi from Star Trek, Maid Marian from Robin Hood, Wendy from Peter Pan, and others, and figuring out what is the definition of a strong woman, and who is a strong woman, and who is, in my oppion a bully. (I'm Singing My own song will have the interviews and fictional women, Making Me a servant will have the Historical Women)

Currently my hypothesis is A strong woman is a Woman that Men do not feel threatened by. They respectfully not only acknowledge the fact that the woman is skilled but yield to them the tasks that the woman is better than them in. A Strong woman does not flaunt her skill or attorney at the men or insist upon it. nor snatch it away from them she simply is. If anything the Authority she has is thrust upon her by another. Whether it is in motherhood, queen-ship like Elizabeth and Victoria, or in being a mayor like Sarah Palin, or a Captain like Janeway.  

If anybody would like to join me in my mission I would enjoy the company I will probably be on this tangent for at least a year, maybe two or three There are a lot of women to cover and I doubt I can do more than two a week.

( I will set up a linkup as soon as I figure it out. Please just comment below if you do one.)
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