Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Education and the computer

With the rise of the computer age has come with the rise of the argument of whether or not they are a good thing as far as education goes. I shall only give five pros and five cons to it.


  1. You don't have to have a huge library to be able to learn about multiple topics. 
  2. It doesn't take as long to look things up on the computer as it does the library. 
  3. There are a ton of online game sites where you can find a large selection of educational games for younger students. 
  4. Even if you live in the middle of nowhare you can have a large class to chat with. 
  5. Youtube!!! My favorite resorse for learning about just about everything and anything 

  1. Spam. 
  2. Incorrect data is easy to get to. 
  3. You cannot monitor everything the student is doing, so it is really easy to think they are doing their work and come to find out they are playing solitaire or pinball. 
  4. Price of computers. 
  5. It is far too easy to get stuck paying a lot of money for something that you had no idea cost anything. 
Honesty I like my computer. I have a far easier time working on it while doing my work than anywhere else. I have poor handwriting so the computer speeds up my writing and makes it easier for others to read what I  wrote. 

Also I am a Visual learner and since I cannot go to all the factories in the world to discover how things are done I can just look it up on Youtube and the answers are right there at my finger tips. 
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