Monday, April 22, 2013

James 3 Tongue Verses

Alright my next goal in this unit is to go through James chapter three and write down everything it says about the tongue. OK here we go.

Ok this isn't as easy as I thought it would be, this chapter you could highlight the entire thing for it is non stop about the tongue! KISH!

Verse two:  says he that controls the tongue controls his entire body.

Verse three: is the paralal between the tongue and the bit in the horses mouth.

Verse four: The rudder of a ship.

Verse five and six: Tongue is like a spark of fire. It may be small but it sure does get in trouble fast.

Verse Seven and eight: Beast and all creatures can be tamed but the tongue no man can tame.

Verse Nine -Twelve : With the same mouth comes out both cursing and blessing and this should not be.

Verse thirteen to end of chapter: Learn to control thy tongue while you are young.

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