Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life Lesson

Today I was confronted with the hardest choice of my life. A friend of the family died recently and his funeral is on the same day I volunteer at the local Equestrian center.

I hate funerals, (who does like them) and I do not really want to go but I felt as though I would be... rejecting... hurting... rebelling against... unfaithful to. (I don't know the exact word) my old friends if I ran of to do my favorite thing in the word instead of doing my God given job of being there for them.

I had the choice of going and working with horses, and being faithful to the new friends that I have only known for a little while, or going and helping with the after funeral dinner and being there for those I have grown up and some of them my best friends since I was tiny.

So what Have I chosen to do? Though I will not go to the funeral, it is to close to the last one I went to that was for a distant relative of mine. My church does need people to help set up for the dinner afterwords so I will be there for them in that way. I am a very soft-hearted person and personally I would not be capable of helping with the dinner if I went to the funeral.

I give my condolences to the family. I know our ex-pastor is much happier where is now, though we will all truly miss him, He is in a lot better of a place now R.I.P.

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