Friday, February 1, 2013

A Supportive Daughter

A supportive daughter? I have to be a supportive daughter?

OK, so I am having a bit of fun with you, But yes as daughters of God we are called to be supportive women to whomever has the authority over us, and that especially includes while we are children.

A childhood is for learning. It is during this time we establish habits and learn how we are supposed to live. So it is no wonder that God tells children to be subject to their parents to honor them, and wives to support their husbands. So naturally we are to support our parents as practice for supporting our husbands. (if that makes since)

But how? How do we support our parents? If you were to support somebody who had trouble walking and help them go somewhere how would you do it? Well you would get your arm under their shoulders so you took most of their weight and would help them go where they needed to go. You would gently point out problems and the two of you together would overcome them so you would be able to get to your destination.

If your family was a car then you would be a wheel. The More wheels there are the lighter the load and the easier it is to travel, but for a normal truck or small car it takes all four wheels to go where it needs to go if even one is flat then the car cannot go anywhere.

So your Father is the head of the family it is his job to make sure everyone is taken care of. The Mother's job is to nurture and support the father nurture the children. the children's job is to obey the Father and the Mother. It is our job to do whatever they say (as long as it does not contradict God's law.) If you feel like the job you are doing contradicts one of God's then, with the Bible and verse in hand go to a parent and talk to them about it. (I doubt they will give you such a command if they are Godly parents.)

In a home there are many things to do. Sweeping, dusting, cleaning up the toys, cooking, tending the garden, feeding the pets, you name it, and who better to do  these tasks than YOU ! To support a family people must be fed and have a clean habitat so we can be strong and healthy. A supportive daughter will simply DO the tasks, she will not ask why, she will not have to be told to do it, and she will not need to be reminded.

Nobody is perfect, we are human and we will fail. But we are to do our best. Your parents is God's representative on Earth, If you cannot go above and beyond for them, How do you think you will be willing to go above and beyond for your husband, boss, governmental leader, or for God. If we cannot even respect our parents then how can we possibly respect anybody else? Being respectful is the basis of being supportive. If we respect someone we will support them. If you support them then together you will be able to make it to the finish line.

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