Monday, January 7, 2013

How Can I respect My Grandparents?

Going to a Tea party with Grandma 

Today's Polished Cornerstone goal is-

"Make a list of specific ways in which you can show special honor and respect to your grandparents or other elderly people in your life."

I am going to put ten different ways.

  1. When at their house pitch in with doing odd jobs. (wash dishes, sweep floor, pick up trash) 
  2. Do not complain about your parent that is their child. This makes them feel bad. 
  3. Be gentle. They are getting OLD and they don't bounce back as well as your or your parents do. 
  4. Don't mention the fact that they are getting old. (they don't like to be reminded) 
  5. Don't wine, Nobody likes that. 
  6. Don't beg for EVERYTHING Grandparents LOVE to spoil you just don't take it too far. 
  7. Make stuff for them. I think my Grandparent's favorite gift from me was a Poem I wrote. 
  8. Be respectful, They are your elders, and they deserve respect. Use your magic words. (Please and Thank-you)
  9. Call/mail/Email them often. Grandparents like hearing from you if you don't live nearby even if you see each other once a week you should send them things often they LOVE it. 
  10. Ask to hear stories. Most grandparents (not all) love to tell stories and they have a lot to tell because they have lived a LONG time. 
I broke some of my own rules in there didn't I. Well if you know of more feel free to comment. 

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  1. Ahhh! Look how little you girls were?! Too cute.



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