Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Polished Cornerstones:Page 416-T Make a list of specific actions that demonstrate disrespect think about gestures  postures, words, facial expressions, ect.

I don't care if it is you little sister, your big brother, a parent, grandparent, someone you just met, or a teacher everyone deserves to be respected. Disrespecting people does not make them look bad but you.

When somebody is talking to you, you should look them in the eye and not slouch nor glare. Show that you are interested and if you are not and it is unimportant (the story of them loosing their fist tooth or something like that) find a way to gracefully get out of the conversation. And when you are talking look your audience in the eye so you can tell when they are getting bored or uninterested and so you can include your audience.

When writing a poster do not put on it anything that others would find offensives  (Think POSITIVE) Think if this was my belief would I like it if others said this about me.

Use Mr. and Ms. when talking to your elders, and remember to use Please, Thank-you and your-welcome It makes you look more formal.

NEVER ASK A LADY HER AGE!!! This is one I just seem to love to break. I am just to curious.

When you want to get someone's attention either lay a hand on their arm. (example: they are on the phone) Or say excuse me do not throw a snake at them, or whack them in the face with a clip board, SCREAM AT THEM... let's just say. If you wouldn't like it, don't do it.

Rolling the eyes. Think what does that tell people? It says esentually "I think that was very stupid." I see more teens, young adults and even older adults rolling there eyes at everything. It is so sad.

 On the computer, if you are not YELLING do not use caps lock.

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