Friday, October 5, 2012

What I learned this week: A little sister's following me!

I have always been told to watch what I do because my siblings were watching.... OK so I did not quite believe it. 

Well yesterday I was sitting at my desk when I heard Sunshine behind me (We found the toy kitchen food that I used as a kid and had stashed it in her kitchen and she was having a delightful time playing with her "new" toys.) "Oh MY GOODNESS!!! It's a FISH!!!" 

Well one of my catch phrases is Oh my goodness, and that day I had used it a lot as we were going trough some of the toys I had as a child and I was going down memory lane. 

I looked up and said "How to know when you have used a phrase too much, Your Sib starts using it." 


You gatta love that kid.

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