Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Love Chapter Essay

1Corinthians 13 (The love chapter)

What is love?
Is it what we feel in our breast?
Is it a kiss on a moon-lit night?
Is it the willingness to speak with anyone?
Or singing for the old and hurting?
Is it giving all I own to those who have nothing?
What is love?
Is it flowers, or chocolate?
How about a dozen freshly baked cookies?
Those are all nice and good,
But I don't think that is love.
What is the love God tells me,
to give to all freely.
How do I show that love?
Love suffers,
It is kind,
It is compassionate to all.
It isn't proud.
It treats all with respect.
It thinks of others,
Before it thinks of itself.
It rejoices with those who are happy.
And cries with the sad.
It doesn't avoid the ugly.
It doesn't tease the fat.
It is a friend to the shy and the fearful.
It is a comfort for those without.
It is a Mother to the motherless.
And a Father who have no dad.
It is a sibling to the only child.
It is always hopeful.
It is always truthful.
It rejects sin.
And clings to righteousness.
Bears all things
Hopes for all things
Believes all things.
Endures all things.
Everything else shall fail.
Where it be governments,
Or prophecies
Or promises.
Languages shall be no more.
And knowledge... well people forget.
For now we only know a bit.
But when God returns we shall know in full.
For we see in a darkened glass.
But then we shall see face to face.
When I was little,
I did not know much,
And I made quite a fool of myself.
But as I grow up I learn more and am able to avoid being embarrassed.
As well as embarrassing others.
Faith, Hope, Love,
These three,
But the greatest, and hardest,

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