Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life goals: What I want in a Husband

Just for the record, I ain't huntin. I don't care if I ever get married at this point. This is simply a list of what I expect if anybody decides to send my parents an application. Actually it is a school assignment  I am working my way through Polished cornerstones for school and one of the assignments is list of what I want in a husband.
  1. Born again Bible believing Christian that I agree 90% with. 
  2. Brown hair.... don't tease I have a thing with brown hair, not that I want it myself but I think brown hair makes boys look more manly. 
  3. Strong and I don't mean a boy who spends eight hours a day in the gym type of strong. I want a Country Redneck who knows how to gentle a horse, rope a cow, milk a goat, mind the fields, and fix about any car problem that he comes across. 
  4. Welder. I want a boy who has been taught welding. It is a little known skill that is a very useful, especially on a farm. 
  5. Comes from a larger homeschooling family. 
  6. Taller than me. That shouldn't be too hard since I am only 5'3" . 
  7. Gets along well with his siblings, and other family, and church members.- gets along well with children. 
  8. Leader, not boss. 
  9. Able and willing to support a family. 
  10. Large productive family farm. 
  11. House already bought. Someone who thinks ahead and plans for the future. I don't want to be renting for the first eight years of marriage. Manages his money well.
  12. Not messy, nor a neat freak. I would like him in between not overly messy that I am constantly following along behind him picking up EVERYTHING for him, but not so neat that if I have not had time to pick up after the kids he isn't too upset, but is willing pitches in and helps keep the house clean when I cannot fully keep up. 
  13. Smiles a lot and has a sense of humor. 
  14. Willing to learn something new when needed. 
  15. Musical abilities. (I just know I will be happier if I have someone to sing and play music with) 
  16. Overprotective, (that does not mean jealous)  
  17. Basic carpentry skills. 
I will continue to work on this over the next few years. It probably sounds a bit selfish now. Don't worry, I will polish it.

Next week I will post my list of things that I am going to be. If I expect this much from him I also expect much from myself. 

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