Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Love Chapter Essay

1Corinthians 13 (The love chapter)

What is love?
Is it what we feel in our breast?
Is it a kiss on a moon-lit night?
Is it the willingness to speak with anyone?
Or singing for the old and hurting?
Is it giving all I own to those who have nothing?
What is love?
Is it flowers, or chocolate?
How about a dozen freshly baked cookies?
Those are all nice and good,
But I don't think that is love.
What is the love God tells me,
to give to all freely.
How do I show that love?
Love suffers,
It is kind,
It is compassionate to all.
It isn't proud.
It treats all with respect.
It thinks of others,
Before it thinks of itself.
It rejoices with those who are happy.
And cries with the sad.
It doesn't avoid the ugly.
It doesn't tease the fat.
It is a friend to the shy and the fearful.
It is a comfort for those without.
It is a Mother to the motherless.
And a Father who have no dad.
It is a sibling to the only child.
It is always hopeful.
It is always truthful.
It rejects sin.
And clings to righteousness.
Bears all things
Hopes for all things
Believes all things.
Endures all things.
Everything else shall fail.
Where it be governments,
Or prophecies
Or promises.
Languages shall be no more.
And knowledge... well people forget.
For now we only know a bit.
But when God returns we shall know in full.
For we see in a darkened glass.
But then we shall see face to face.
When I was little,
I did not know much,
And I made quite a fool of myself.
But as I grow up I learn more and am able to avoid being embarrassed.
As well as embarrassing others.
Faith, Hope, Love,
These three,
But the greatest, and hardest,

Monday, October 22, 2012


Hey folks, I have a new blog! 

(I did the header using My New art program)
Yep, that blog will be more for my books so I can keep this one true to it's description. 
I will slowly be moving my fun posts over here as I get the time. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inspiration: One, Two, Three!

From the Rod and Staff Reader "A Time to Build"

There was an old, old, old, old lady,
And a boy who was half past three; 
And the way that they played together 
Was beautiful to see.

She couldn't go romping and jumping, 
And the boy, no more could he;
For he was a thin little fellow, 
With a thin little twisted knee.

They sat in the yellow sunlight, 
out under the maple tree; 
And the game they played I'll tell you, 
Just as it was told to me.

It was hide-and-go-seek they were playing, 
Though you'd never have known it to be-
With an old, old, old, old lady,
And a boy with a twisted knee. 

The boy would bend his face down
On his one little sound right knee,
And guess where she was hiding,
In guess one, Two, Three. 

"You are in the china closet!" 
He would laugh and cry with glee-
It wasn't the china closet,
But he still had Two and Three.

"You are in Papa's big bedroom,
In the chest with the queer old key!" 
And she said: "You are warm and warmer.
But you're not quite right," said she.

"It can't be the little cupboard
Where Mamma's things used to be- 
So it must be the clothespress, Gran'ma!" 
And he found her with his three. 

Then she covered her face with her fingers
That were wrinkled and white and wee,
And she guessed where the boy was hiding,
With a One and a Two and a Three. 

And they never stirred from their places 
Right under the maple tree-
This old, old, old, old lady,
And the boy with the lame little knee- 
This dear, dear, dear, old lady, 
And the boy who was half-past three.


Friday, October 5, 2012

What I learned this week: A little sister's following me!

I have always been told to watch what I do because my siblings were watching.... OK so I did not quite believe it. 

Well yesterday I was sitting at my desk when I heard Sunshine behind me (We found the toy kitchen food that I used as a kid and had stashed it in her kitchen and she was having a delightful time playing with her "new" toys.) "Oh MY GOODNESS!!! It's a FISH!!!" 

Well one of my catch phrases is Oh my goodness, and that day I had used it a lot as we were going trough some of the toys I had as a child and I was going down memory lane. 

I looked up and said "How to know when you have used a phrase too much, Your Sib starts using it." 


You gatta love that kid.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Act of service: Dad's office

This for me will be a more difficult topic. Servants should keep their mouths shut I believe on what they do.

But the them of this blog is Making Me a Servant so I should tell you what I learn week by week on how to do that.

Being a servant is never easy. Human nature is to be a princess or prince all the time but no where in the Bible can I find that it says we should act like Royalty. On the contrary it clearly states that we should endeavor to be servants.

One of the things I did this week; My father is cleaning out his office so while he was gone Monday I helped.  It looks a Ton better. Dad was over joyed and so was everyone else. It made me feel better to because the state of the house is the state of my brain, in other words; I can't function in a messy house. And I know I am not the only one.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Inspiration: The Morning Calm

This story originally was written for a contest but there was not enough entries so the contest fell through. Well people kept saying that this should be turned into a novel so for NaNoWriMo this will be the book I work on.  


A roosters call broke through the mornings silence

Lady Katherine sat up and stretched. The soft pre-dawn light shone through the gigantic window near her bed. 

The  rooster  sounded once again. 

She stood up and again stretched. She glanced back at the warm bed. It was tempting, Man was it tempting, but no,  she was not going to climb back into bed and miss her morning calm. 

She slipped into a soft flowing green gown.  She let the feeling of the material warm her soul. She began to sing a happy, but calm song. This was the beginning of her morning calm. 

She glanced at her desk; a solid oak desk covered in papers to be read, documents  that needed to be sighed, and numerous reports began... but never finished.  This was tempting. But no, she was not going to miss the morning calm. 

She picked up her flute and began to play the tune while she danced out her down the stairs, out to the square, and through the almost empty streets of the town. This was her morning calm. 

"Lady Katherine!" The baker’s deep voice reached ear. "Would you like some bread?" 

She shook her head. No, she was not going to eat now. The outpost was having a food shortage and she was not going to take from her subjects. Part of being a leader, she had learned two years earlier when she had become the leader at age twenty-five, was that they had to have more self-control than anybody else. She would not eat more than her ration, No matter how tempting. Two days... two days and the supply ships would come and they would have food. But would she let her stomach steal her morning calm? No! 

She danced on, cross the meadow, and to the lake. She slipped off her sandals and stood in the cool, cool water. Her eyes closed as the sun rose, her fingers slowing so she felt the music as well as the early sun. This was her morning calm. 

A calm that was for a moment, like a vapor that disappears too soon, her worries, and fears were absent. The morning’s joys filling her heart for now she was part of the music, a part of the calm about.

The birds, as they awoke, joined in her song. Each of the many voices was a wonderful thing, a twitter, a tweet, now here, now there; this was part of the calm. This was indeed the beautiful morning calm. 

Oh how she loved this moment. How she longed for it every day. As the music fill the meadow, and crossed every one of the glades. The peace that rarely was present, was here. A peace that was sweet, a peace that was full of hope, like a hug to the weary, or a kiss to the sad, this was her morning calm.  

Now the moment was gone, the moment of wonderful joy. The clock told her the time, the time to start the day. This was the end of her moment. But a moment spent in a special way. She left the water so cool; Slipped on her shoes, and returned to the meeting hall, to be part of her people, their trials, and the pain, till tomorrow when she would be here again.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh silly me: everyone knows bowls go on your head.

Me as a baby

Life goals: What I want in a Husband

Just for the record, I ain't huntin. I don't care if I ever get married at this point. This is simply a list of what I expect if anybody decides to send my parents an application. Actually it is a school assignment  I am working my way through Polished cornerstones for school and one of the assignments is list of what I want in a husband.
  1. Born again Bible believing Christian that I agree 90% with. 
  2. Brown hair.... don't tease I have a thing with brown hair, not that I want it myself but I think brown hair makes boys look more manly. 
  3. Strong and I don't mean a boy who spends eight hours a day in the gym type of strong. I want a Country Redneck who knows how to gentle a horse, rope a cow, milk a goat, mind the fields, and fix about any car problem that he comes across. 
  4. Welder. I want a boy who has been taught welding. It is a little known skill that is a very useful, especially on a farm. 
  5. Comes from a larger homeschooling family. 
  6. Taller than me. That shouldn't be too hard since I am only 5'3" . 
  7. Gets along well with his siblings, and other family, and church members.- gets along well with children. 
  8. Leader, not boss. 
  9. Able and willing to support a family. 
  10. Large productive family farm. 
  11. House already bought. Someone who thinks ahead and plans for the future. I don't want to be renting for the first eight years of marriage. Manages his money well.
  12. Not messy, nor a neat freak. I would like him in between not overly messy that I am constantly following along behind him picking up EVERYTHING for him, but not so neat that if I have not had time to pick up after the kids he isn't too upset, but is willing pitches in and helps keep the house clean when I cannot fully keep up. 
  13. Smiles a lot and has a sense of humor. 
  14. Willing to learn something new when needed. 
  15. Musical abilities. (I just know I will be happier if I have someone to sing and play music with) 
  16. Overprotective, (that does not mean jealous)  
  17. Basic carpentry skills. 
I will continue to work on this over the next few years. It probably sounds a bit selfish now. Don't worry, I will polish it.

Next week I will post my list of things that I am going to be. If I expect this much from him I also expect much from myself. 

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