Saturday, September 22, 2012

What I learned this week: Green Eggs, God & Listening

This morning Buddy-roe came up to me and said. You know the book GREEN EGGS AND HAM. 

I gave him the look. "Of course I know about Green Eggs and Ham." 

"Did you know it is like the Bible."

"No, it is not. Please leave me alone I am a little busy right now" 

"Yes, it is V. You see in the beginning of the book Sam is trying to get the dog person to eat the Green Eggs & Ham and he will not do it not here there or anywhere. Then Sam finally gets him to stop and listen and he actually likes them." 

That is when it clicked. Yes indeed it was so. I am not sure if  Dr. Suss was trying to imply this message but this is what he got. The dog person known as I is a lot like those of us who do not like God and we don't want anything to do with him. Sam was like a missionary who is constiantly evangelizing to (I) and where ever he goes he is always ready to tell of Jesus. 

We as Christians need to be like Sam. This world we are living in is lost. Remember the line "In the dark, would you, could you in the dark?" I view this as a challenge to all of us we need to be ready to tell even if the punishment for doing so is death. We need to be ready to tell anywhere and everywhere we go. 

This is on thing I learned. The other is, Sometimes it pays to listen when your brother is talking. 

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