Monday, September 3, 2012

September Goals

Ok Mom says I have to do this but personally I am at the point of I am too tired to care. We have for the last two months been cleaning, rearranging, getting rid of a ton of stuff and I am Very tired and sore. 

This November My aunt is going to move into the guest house that used to be my Grandfather's house before he remarried. The house still is still fully furnished but we need to clean out a few rooms so Aunt V. has places to put her stuff.  To have a look at what I have been doing. (I am Song) 

SO what are my goals for this month? 

  1. Find and organize my desk. 
  2. Do 100 school goals. 
  3. Finish Introduction to Western Music.
  1. Swap book cases 
  2. Find and organize my sewing area. (it has gone missing in a pile of material and other sewing necessities) 
  3. Compact my Horse stuff and put into a canister so Buddy-roe does not have to come through my room to use the Bathroom.  
  1. Be ready to play DAY BY DAY on the fiddle by Thanksgiving. (I will be playing in a Quartet Violin, Flute, Piano, Harp.) 
  2. Decide on a Christmas hymn to play for the Christmas party at church. (also with the Quartet) 
  3. Figure out how to play one hymn on the piano.  
  1. Clean out the dryer at our house. 
  2. Clean out big Freezer so Papa can take it away 
  3. Finish organizing the children's toys 
  4. Clean Air conditioner
  5. Talk Dad into taking me and the car someplace where there is a car vacuum cleaner and vacuum out the car.  

Personal Goals: 

  1. In bed between 9:00-10:15 
  2. Up at 6:00AM 
  3. Get back into the habit of of doing morning devotions 
  4. Read the book Kendra has been harping on me about. (no I haven't a clue what it is called. It is a Christian Piarate book. (I enjoy this genera but it is proving to be a challenge to get into. )She wants it finished last Saturday so she can do a book review since I know more about such things she wants my input.)  

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  1. The Book is called Pirate Daughter's Promise and is by Molly Evangeline. Yes, V, you'll love it once you get into it.


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