Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pictures with Words and Letters

This week is Letters and words. 
Unfortunately the picture of the mailbox full of mail did not come out... Sigh, Oh well here are some fun pictures. 

Museum Amtrak train I visited 

Go to the Ant poster I made. 

Smile sign I picked up. 

My favorite language in the world. 
American Sign language
I know about 200 signs 
(Believe me there are days which the sign I need is not one I know) 


  1. Until recently, I thought sign language was universal!!!
    Imagine my shock

    1. I know a few signs in one of the Mexican sign languages. I am told that you have to be careful that you do the right one down there cause there are at least three different ones

  2. love the sign language one!

    we did baby sign language with K and C :)

  3. Lovely pictures, V. BTW, You've been awarded over at my blog:


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