Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Can a Girl be TOO modest?

Can a girl be Too modest? This is a hard question, and one I am going to have to do some serous meditation on for years to come. But I will answer to the best of my ability.

So to begin I am going to back up. What is the purpose of modesty?  The purpose of modesty is #1 To not call attention to your self, and #2 To not make your brother stumble. Men are affected by looks and actions, so the more modest we are the less they will stumble, so as far as number two goes no we can never be too modest; the thing is number one.

 Modesty is a wide topic. It includes actions, clothes,and words. OK so as far as Words go, No you can never be too modest... that is if it is in your nature.If however you are putting on an act then yes your actions or words can be too modest.

Before I go on I am going to make one thing clear, I do believe in being in style and I am going to explain why. Being in style helps you not call undue attention to your self. What I am against is wearing a style that is immodest  and you're going, But I thought you just said that being in style helps you stay modest. Remember there are two different reasons to being modest. Some things are in style but are not modest as far as the second is concerned.

 Now I am going to tell you why I brought this issue up. I have seen this happen, One girl believes all styles are immodest so she has decided that if it is in style, she won't were it. Now whenever she goes anywhere every eye is on her not because she is immodest, but because she is so different. So in this instance she is Too modest.

Let me give you another instance. I am from down south, Let's say I decide to go to Amish country and I were what I normally wear. Now what I am wearing is in style and it is modest but because it is not the norm all the guys would stare and be thinking things about me that a guy from where I live would not. So here again I am too modest.

Now a Amish girl comes to stay where I live. Her dresses sweep the floor have long sleeves and neck lines go clear to her chin. She is very modest but it is 101F outside. People from around here would think she's NUTS. Then again she is too modest.

Now here is one on actions. A girl is dressed in a long flowing skirt with a modest top, she is in style, But she is tumbling about letting her skirt go high over her head. She is dressed modestly But the modestly she chose was not modest for what she was doing. She would have been better of wearing a leotard with a swim skirt that what she actually wore.

This is just a scratch in the bucket. If you have have a suggestion on how a girl can be modest but not. Please comment below. I think all of us females can benefit off of this topic.

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