Monday, July 16, 2012


I just woke up from the scariest and coolest dream in my life. I have always been a dreamer, but last night beat all the nightmares in my life. Right down to the talking tornado dream I had when I was six. Or the dream where the train went right through our house every thirty minuets. Or the dream where I was being eaten alive by tigers. Even though those scared me, this dream was more real, for a smell came with it. (Shudder)

 I dreamed that I was taking care of the barnyard when suddenly Buddy-roe came rushing in to show me something. I went outside to the back of the Rabbit house and there were hundreds of Yeti tracks. I immediately took him inside the house.

Well next thing I knew it was night and I peaked out the window to see a seven foot blond haired monster come rushing past not ten yards distant at full speed. I called the family round as we again watched the monster pass my bedroom window. So mom decided to put us kids in the "safest room in the house" which after awaking I discovered to be the baptismal at church.

 I fell asleep not too quickly but "woke up" to find the monster staring down at me. I could smell a horrific stench of rotten eggs. I found I could not move, it was if a million grimy hands were holding me down. "Jesus, Deliver me." I cried out. At that exact moment my alarm clock started going off.

Right at this moment I am a shaky as can be. Was this a sign from God? I could tell in the dream that the Yeti was after me and only me. Was this in a spiritual way happening to me last night? Who knows. But I think so because my nose was still picking up the slightest whiff of sulfur in my bedroom when I woke up this morning. it now, thirty minutes later is gone, but still I keep expecting to look up and find the monster peaking in the kitchen window at me.

I had a similar dream about two weeks ago, but that time all I saw were tracks. And to me that was nothing to be frighted about.

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