Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In which I open mouth, insert foot, and get put on TV

I cannot believe I did what I did this morning. Last night my family was given tickets to this big waffle breakfast where a politician (I could not remember the name at the time) was to give a 4th of July speech.
So this morning we got up bright and early and went. The politician ended  up being our GOVERNOR.

For me this was the most awesome thing in the world. How many Governors go to a tiny town, and spends two hours with barely a hundred people, at a fund raiser that is for a nearby school? It just plain does not normally happen. I was shocked.

I think he was able to shake everybody's hand, and take a picture with everyone there. When I got my hug he leaned over and said "Study hard." which is what he was telling all of the girls. But what I think was the coolest was on of the girls proclaimed "Well I know that, what else?" and he told her "Pray every day."

Well after he left I was just standing there at our table (Which just so happened to be beside the cameras beaming from ear to ear, when Bob Halmark pointed to me and asked if I was OK with being interviewed. Well it was not the first time in my life that I have been interviewed for the press. I have been in quite a few newspaper articles in my life (most of them for the local Library.) So for me this was nothing new, so I agreed. Well you will just have to click on the link below to know what I said... I will worn you, I was so nervous that I said things that I would not normally have said If I had been thinking... and it was the one thing I said without really thinking that got on TV. Oh well he must have liked it. I opened mouth, inserted my foot, and got put on TV. I am not sure whether to be embarrassed or pleased. It was most certainly the coolest thing that ever happened to me.

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  1. It's not so bad. Look at it this is an experience that you won't forget.



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