Thursday, July 19, 2012



By V. Kathie Ardnek 

I close my eyes, 
I look around, 
For all the adventures, 
That might be found. 

I open my eyes, 
And now I can see.
I'm part of a crew, 
Out on the deep blue sea.

An adventure, 
Yes, that's where I'll go. 
Someplace new, 
Though where, I do not know.

Perhaps I am a captain, 
Of a fine space ship. 
Among the stars, 
On a little trip. 

Now look! 
What have we here? 
A monster! A dragon! 
I have nothing to fear. 

I just close my eyes,
And erase the picture.
Its arms, its wings, 
Its every feature. 

Now look again, 
What do you see? 
Over there, 
Within that tree. 

It is a bird, 
Of many a color. 
It reminds me of, 
A home-sick lover. 

 OK girl, 
Time to slow down, 
Your brother is lonely, 
Just look at that frown. 

I kneel beside him, 
Taking his hand, 
"You want to be my first mate,
In this faraway land?" 

He nods, 
He smiles, 
So off we run, 
Over to the large dirt piles. 

So what? 
I might be a teen, 
A lady in training,
With my future unseen. 

I still can be, 
What ever I desire, 
With my troubles unseen, 
Every little fire. 

For now, 
I'll enjoy,
 Just being myself,
With this very small, chubby boy. 

Oh, the places we'll go.
Oh, the things we can see. 
Just sitting here, 
Just you and me. 

About an imagination,
I once heard it said. 
.  You can never be board, 
Not even in bed. 

God gave it to us, 
For his own pleasure, 
For his children, 
A priceless treasure. 

Aw now, 
I hear my name. 
Mother is calling, 
It's the end of our game. 

I sigh a farewell, 
To all my new friends. 
Till I see them again, 
When our next journey begins. 


  1. Replies
    1. Well that is how most of my adventures end.

  2. I am thinking about making a picture book with this poem. What do you guys think?


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