Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Other human Beings

Close your eyes, erase everyone you know from your mental world. You are alone, there is nobody to be friends with. You are completely alone in the world. 

Can you imagine what life would be like if you were the only one alive in the universe. God even said in Genesis 2:18  And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. God never meant for Humans to be alone. We will forever need friends, helpers, parents, teachers, and just plain people in general. We need some one to talk to, to share our ideas, and ideals with. Someone to love and care for. 

 Robinson Caruso is an excellent example of what would happen if God had left just Adam on the Earth without giving him Eve. During the middle ages people would go and live in caves for five or six years not being permitted to visit or even talk to anyone or anything. Even though God had people throughout history go to the wilderness alone to talk with him I do not believe that is something that everyone is called to do. 

Even though I am an introvert I do enjoy being around other people. I enjoy teaching them what I know, as well as learning what I can from them. If every man was an Island then we would go nowhere, we would be nothing except animals, barbarians, rude beasts without a care about anything except our stomachs. This is why today I am thankful for other people. 



By V. Kathie Ardnek 

I close my eyes, 
I look around, 
For all the adventures, 
That might be found. 

I open my eyes, 
And now I can see.
I'm part of a crew, 
Out on the deep blue sea.

An adventure, 
Yes, that's where I'll go. 
Someplace new, 
Though where, I do not know.

Perhaps I am a captain, 
Of a fine space ship. 
Among the stars, 
On a little trip. 

Now look! 
What have we here? 
A monster! A dragon! 
I have nothing to fear. 

I just close my eyes,
And erase the picture.
Its arms, its wings, 
Its every feature. 

Now look again, 
What do you see? 
Over there, 
Within that tree. 

It is a bird, 
Of many a color. 
It reminds me of, 
A home-sick lover. 

 OK girl, 
Time to slow down, 
Your brother is lonely, 
Just look at that frown. 

I kneel beside him, 
Taking his hand, 
"You want to be my first mate,
In this faraway land?" 

He nods, 
He smiles, 
So off we run, 
Over to the large dirt piles. 

So what? 
I might be a teen, 
A lady in training,
With my future unseen. 

I still can be, 
What ever I desire, 
With my troubles unseen, 
Every little fire. 

For now, 
I'll enjoy,
 Just being myself,
With this very small, chubby boy. 

Oh, the places we'll go.
Oh, the things we can see. 
Just sitting here, 
Just you and me. 

About an imagination,
I once heard it said. 
.  You can never be board, 
Not even in bed. 

God gave it to us, 
For his own pleasure, 
For his children, 
A priceless treasure. 

Aw now, 
I hear my name. 
Mother is calling, 
It's the end of our game. 

I sigh a farewell, 
To all my new friends. 
Till I see them again, 
When our next journey begins. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

As high as an Elephant's eye

This is a four foot fence. Most of the weeds actually are taller than our house. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Word of the Week: Love

LOYALTY:  Be loyal to one another, not going behind the other person's back making fun of them. 

OBEDIENCE:  When they ask you to do something, and they are in charge of you. Obey them promptly and without argument 

VALUE: Value their time, possessions, and emotions. 

ESTEEM EACH Other:  Encourage one another, let's build each other up. 

Monday, July 16, 2012


I just woke up from the scariest and coolest dream in my life. I have always been a dreamer, but last night beat all the nightmares in my life. Right down to the talking tornado dream I had when I was six. Or the dream where the train went right through our house every thirty minuets. Or the dream where I was being eaten alive by tigers. Even though those scared me, this dream was more real, for a smell came with it. (Shudder)

 I dreamed that I was taking care of the barnyard when suddenly Buddy-roe came rushing in to show me something. I went outside to the back of the Rabbit house and there were hundreds of Yeti tracks. I immediately took him inside the house.

Well next thing I knew it was night and I peaked out the window to see a seven foot blond haired monster come rushing past not ten yards distant at full speed. I called the family round as we again watched the monster pass my bedroom window. So mom decided to put us kids in the "safest room in the house" which after awaking I discovered to be the baptismal at church.

 I fell asleep not too quickly but "woke up" to find the monster staring down at me. I could smell a horrific stench of rotten eggs. I found I could not move, it was if a million grimy hands were holding me down. "Jesus, Deliver me." I cried out. At that exact moment my alarm clock started going off.

Right at this moment I am a shaky as can be. Was this a sign from God? I could tell in the dream that the Yeti was after me and only me. Was this in a spiritual way happening to me last night? Who knows. But I think so because my nose was still picking up the slightest whiff of sulfur in my bedroom when I woke up this morning. it now, thirty minutes later is gone, but still I keep expecting to look up and find the monster peaking in the kitchen window at me.

I had a similar dream about two weeks ago, but that time all I saw were tracks. And to me that was nothing to be frighted about.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In which I open mouth, insert foot, and get put on TV

I cannot believe I did what I did this morning. Last night my family was given tickets to this big waffle breakfast where a politician (I could not remember the name at the time) was to give a 4th of July speech.
So this morning we got up bright and early and went. The politician ended  up being our GOVERNOR.

For me this was the most awesome thing in the world. How many Governors go to a tiny town, and spends two hours with barely a hundred people, at a fund raiser that is for a nearby school? It just plain does not normally happen. I was shocked.

I think he was able to shake everybody's hand, and take a picture with everyone there. When I got my hug he leaned over and said "Study hard." which is what he was telling all of the girls. But what I think was the coolest was on of the girls proclaimed "Well I know that, what else?" and he told her "Pray every day."

Well after he left I was just standing there at our table (Which just so happened to be beside the cameras beaming from ear to ear, when Bob Halmark pointed to me and asked if I was OK with being interviewed. Well it was not the first time in my life that I have been interviewed for the press. I have been in quite a few newspaper articles in my life (most of them for the local Library.) So for me this was nothing new, so I agreed. Well you will just have to click on the link below to know what I said... I will worn you, I was so nervous that I said things that I would not normally have said If I had been thinking... and it was the one thing I said without really thinking that got on TV. Oh well he must have liked it. I opened mouth, inserted my foot, and got put on TV. I am not sure whether to be embarrassed or pleased. It was most certainly the coolest thing that ever happened to me.

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