Sunday, June 10, 2012

The big bad vine treated me mean!

Thursday I got upset at.... something and went to the barn and did what I normally do when I am upset... beat up on a tree.  Well, there was a big huge vine at the barn that every time I went down there it would whack me in the face( I have been working on that vine for some 2-4 months without any progress) ... so I delt with it... and now I am on bed rest. 

While doing it I damaged a muscle in my stomach. And since I don't believe in slowing down when I do not feel good, that damaged muscle turned into a sprained muscle. 

So now I am on bed-rest for the next week while my aunt and mother treat me. I am so frustrated, I cannot laugh, cough, walk, move my right arm much without my entire stomach burning with pain. Let's just say I FEEL STUPID and then some. 
That is actually the fifth time this year I have gotten hurt being stupid. But in the past it's been a knee, a shoulder, my neck. things I can hide this one... not so much. Prayers will be much appreciated and yes I have learned my lesson about bush whacking when angry.

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