Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Word of the week: Student

I decided that this week I would do is Student. What is a good Student.

Smile: I have never met a teacher who did not love a smiling student.

Try: Try to do your best in whatever your teacher gives you to do.

Understanding: if you do not understand what is being taught don't be afraid to ask for help.

Diligence: Be diligent in your work. Nobody is perfect, but diligence can help.

Education: Education is a very important thing in life. If you listen and try to lean you will go farther than if you don't.

Noise: When you are in the classroom try to keep the noise down so you don't disturb others.

Tests: Tests will happen, Even if you don't make a 100 you should not be mean to those who did. See if you can get tips from the lead students in your class, (true this won't always be easy) don't ask them to do your work for you. But ask them what their tricks are for getting good grades. not everyone is the same.
For instance I learn best by putting the facts to music, I remember most of them that way.
 Katie on the other hand will read over the past unit over and over till she has all of the facts Memorized.
My mom had us write the facts on 3by5 cards and stick them on our wall to read over at night or whenever we past.
Taking notes in class is a good way. (I find it distracting so I normally bring my MP3 player and record it so I can listen to it later and pause and write notes then push play again till I find another place I need to write notes about.)

Up date

I would like to thank all of you that have been praying for me. I am doing much better. I am able to get around now. I  am off all pain medication and am taking care of the barn again all by my self. 

I still am having trouble getting UP stairs (Down is easy.) The floor is still a long way down and I am having to rely on my younger siblings to get things for me.
I still am not able to lift more than 7lb but I am getting stronger daily.
Sorry I haven't been posting, typing was quite a challenge the first week and my internet was giving me fits.
Thanks again for Praying.

V. Kathie Ardnek

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The big bad vine treated me mean!

Thursday I got upset at.... something and went to the barn and did what I normally do when I am upset... beat up on a tree.  Well, there was a big huge vine at the barn that every time I went down there it would whack me in the face( I have been working on that vine for some 2-4 months without any progress) ... so I delt with it... and now I am on bed rest. 

While doing it I damaged a muscle in my stomach. And since I don't believe in slowing down when I do not feel good, that damaged muscle turned into a sprained muscle. 

So now I am on bed-rest for the next week while my aunt and mother treat me. I am so frustrated, I cannot laugh, cough, walk, move my right arm much without my entire stomach burning with pain. Let's just say I FEEL STUPID and then some. 
That is actually the fifth time this year I have gotten hurt being stupid. But in the past it's been a knee, a shoulder, my neck. things I can hide this one... not so much. Prayers will be much appreciated and yes I have learned my lesson about bush whacking when angry.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: The moon

My Uncle brought out his telescope one night and let us look through it to look at the moon.
This is what it looks like without the telescope 

This is what it looks like with. 

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