Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Is a Good follower

I have always enjoyed making Acronyms. Last year I did one on Leadership.
I have decided on three words to explain how to be a good follower, Crew-member, teammate, and worker.


Commitment, be committed to your task and leader.
Respect, respect your leader and other crew members.
Enthusiasm, Be enthusiastic about your task.
Willingness, When you are told to do something (even if you don't exactly like doing it) be willing to do it. leaders appreciate willing followers as apossed to non willing ones.

Manners, manners go along way weather you are the leader or a follower.
Encouragement, remember to encourage your leader and other crew-members. A simple "great job" or "I appreciate what you do" can make the world of difference.
Bravery, Sometimes your leader will ask you to do something that requites bravery.


Trust, Trust your leader to know what they are doing. 
Everybody, Everybody has their talents and they are all needed to get the job done correctly. 
Attitude, It isn't fair to your leader or other teammates if you are popping an attitude every five seconds.
Motivation, Be motivated to do your task and motivate others to do theirs. 
Mastery, Master your job so you leader does not have to hold your hand. 
Available, Be available so that more can get done. 


Willingness, be willing to do what you do not want to do. 
Orderliness, Keep everything orderly so others can find things and things get done better. 
Ready, be ready for anything. 
Eagerness, Be eager to discover what is around the next bend.
Reliable, Be reliable to do what you have been assigned. 

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