Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful ThursdayComputers

Today I am thankful for my computer. My computer is a desk-top that a friend (who works on computers) gave me a year ago. It has been very nice not having to wait for my mom's computer to do what I need to get done.
Using my computer, I no longer have to keep up with fifteen notebooks for school. instead I type all of my school assignments which is both faster, and easier for me than having to remember to keep my handwriting neat and on the lines.
Also it enables me to be more creative because instead of having to write and rewrite my stories and songs by hand I can just type them up then edit it later without having to scribble all over the page.
Computers are also very useful when it comes to learning. If I want to know something all I have to do is look it up by typing a word into the search engine and push enter, while before I had to find the dictionary/encyclopedia then spend forever searching for the information.

Computers have made all of our lives easier so we can spend more time with family and friends. :)

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