Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Goats

Goats at the zoo

I had Goats for almost ten years. Goats were my life up until last year when they got in trouble and we had to get rid of them. Anyways here are why I am thankful for Goats.

  1. They are a challenge. 
  2. They are low maintenance creatures. unlike sheep which you have to constantly be watching, Goats know basically what is and is not healthy for them. it is commonly taught that Goats eat everything, but in truth they do not, Goats are very curious creatures and they taste everything, but they are also very smart and they will not eat anything poisonous unless they are starving. 
  3. They are very cute. 
  4. They have some of the best milk. 
  5. They are wonderful organic lawn mowers (And they don't even need any gas) 

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