Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Lil'-Miss.-Full-of-it (Miss. FOI)

Miss. FOI is my copy cat, anything I do she does too. My family and friends say I spoil her... well she is the only little sister I have so why not spoil her. Here are the ten top things I like about her. 

  1. She loves to sit beside me and do her school work. 
  2. She is always ready to make me laugh. 
  3. She LOVES books. 
  4. She is my constant companion. 
  5. She loves to sing with me. 
  6. She is a little chatter box 
  7. She is as smart as a whip. 
  8. She makes sure my shoes are always where they belong. 
  9. She is a neat freak.
  10. She will sit on my lap and help me type. 
I am lucky to have her. My mom was in her forties when she had her. And when she was six weeks old she was in a very bad car accident. Miss. FOI has been the joy of my life spending every moment she can with me, it is rare indeed to not see the two of us together. I was the first person to get to hold her, and we have a bond that cannot be broken by anything. I love my baby sister. 

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