Sunday, March 18, 2012

my finished line for March 18

I have been rather busy this past week and that is why I have not been posting.

First of all it was time change on Sunday and I had snacks at church. So when I got home after church I immediately crashed into bed and that is how I spent my Sunday.

Monday was the only "Calm" day I had. which even it was not all that very much calm. I did chores and a page out of my USA coloring book.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I went to Frontier Girl's Etiquette Boot Camp. which was honestly a lot of fun. There were skits preformed, We were queen, grandparents, doctors and all kinds of other people to learn how to introduce in a formal setting a social setting and causal setting. We learned that scaring your mom with a toy snake is not necessarily the best way to get her off the phone... your likely to be sent to time out instead. We learned how to properly treat the USA Flag. And we learned how to properly do Thank-you notes.
Friday we got Ready for My sister's birthday party.

Saturday we had the party which was a garden and tree removal party.

So that was my very busy week.

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