Monday, March 19, 2012

Memory Monday: SNAKES!!!

 (I am going to refuse to add a picture with this entry.) Did I ever say I hated snakes??? Well this is my reason, Since moving to the country when I was four I have seen a lot of snakes. I think I have seen about fifty in all (outside of the zoo) (at least ten of those have been poisonous.) 

The first one I ever met was a water snake. (What type I really am not sure, I did not stick around to find out.) it was a few months after I moved I was crushing cans when I noticed that the can I had just picked up was heavier that most that I had seen so I dumped it over thinking that it might be full of water.... nothing came out so I shook it... a tongue partruded from the opening... to say that I screamed would be a understatement. It was a good thing it was a family work day and all of the family for I had three uncles a dad and my grandfather immiatlly at my assistance dealing with that horrible creature. Strangely I have never done crushed cans again without men standing nearby ready to deal with any snake that appeared.

The second time I ever saw a snake I was about five and a half. I was gathering eggs, I had come to the nest in a dark corner and grabbed something that did not feel like an egg... I screamed and my grandfather who was not far away came and dealt with it... I have never been  able to gather eggs from dark places since. (and my grandfather has never under stood why.)

The next really bad one was last year. I went down to the barn to feed the animals and I found a rat snake eating the goose eggs. My grandfather blasted it's head off and my uncle dumped into the gully. (My father was really sick that day.) I saw another eight snakes over the next two months. One of them (About eight inches long) I killed my self. I walked outside my house and found it on the rubber mat that is right outside so I climbed up on the steps grabbed the shovel that was near by and aimed it then closed my eyes and dropped the shovel. I killed the snake then streamed and Kendra dealt with that one.

The next horrible encounter happened this morning. I went down to the barn and found a copper head eating my baby bunnies. He ate two, and killed two others, the fifth (the runt of the litter and the shyest) had been hiding under the bedding so the snake did not find him so now he is in a box with his mommy beside me. Dad killed the snake who was about four foot long and to fat with the baby bunnies to escape the cage.

The rest of the snakes I have seen I have been able to call one of our many cats over and they deal with it. (Or a goose, which ever comes to my assistance first.)

If you want to see the snake you will have to go to my mom's blog.

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