Monday, March 5, 2012

Memory Monday: My Earache Hat

The winter when I was four was a bad one. Cold, wet, all in all miserable. Although this little cowhand decided that neither cold nor wet nor dark of night, (Or bedtime on some nights) would keep me inside. 
Well time past and I got... an earache. The horror, the pain of not being able to go outside. I was heart broken. 
So Papa fixed my problem, My earache-hat It is green and around the top it says CLARK. And then I could as long as I wore the hat, be outside. (The earache probably only lasted about two weeks but to a four-year-old, that was FOREVER) From that time since I have worn that hat whenever I have an earache..(And even sometimes when I don't) And Papa just stands there and smiles. 

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