Friday, March 23, 2012

Finished Friday: Insensitivity

What if we could feel what others felt? What if we could hear what other's heard? What if we saw what others saw, knew what they knew, and sensed what they sensed? Humans are naturally insensitive beings. We can feel when somebody else hurts us, but cannot feel when we hurt others. We can read their faces to tell what they thought. But even that is not one-hundred percent accurate, for we are also very good actors. 

God says in the Bible that we should be sensitive to others feelings. We should not do things that we ourselves would not like it to be done back. How do we know that boy we just called a cry baby isn't crying because his grandmother just died? That girl you just called Four Eyes, maybe she cannot see more than a few inches with out it. The child you just called Dummy or Stupid, perhaps they learn differently than you do. 

There were those when I was little who called me stupid because I could not read or write and my grades were Cs and Ds. But what they did not know was even though I did horrible in school, I thrived when it came to animals and things I could do with my hands. It made me feel unwanted and unappreciated with they would criticizing me on what I could not do and ignored what I could. I actually went through a point in my life where I wished for nothing else than to die. All because a they called me names. I learned through those years that by always wearing a smile people did not tease me quite as often even though I hurt inside.

The Bibles says we should rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15); Meaning that if we see somebody that is happy we should be happy with them. And if we see somebody that is upset we should be sympathetic to them.

 It also says we should show kindness to somebody who is afflicted (Job 6:14). If somebody is struggling in an area we should not make fun of them because of it but on the contrary help them through it. You can point out where they need to make corrections but do it in a positive way not a negative way, for the bible also says we should encourage one another lets build each other up. 

The scardy cats, The Bible says we should comfort them. (Thessalonians 5:14). Some people naturally are afraid of things we should try to help them through those fears but don't push them it takes time to overcome some fears. 

See somebody’s possessions in danger of being destroyed or lost? (Deut 22:1) We should pick it up so it is not damaged. And in that way we are being sensitive to other’s feelings.

So we should be sensitive to others. We should treat them as we ourselves would like to be treated. An insensitive man is a bully, and a bully is a coward.  

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