Monday, February 6, 2012

Serving Jesus list.

In these verses God gives a snapshot of the judgement. First he separates the people then judges them. The goats on the left the sheep on the right. The sheep he is proud of for feeding, clothing, healing, and giving water to Him (Jesus.) The 'Sheep' were confused and asked him. "What do you mean we saw the stranger and served you?" Jesus explained to them that by doing these things to his children they were actually doing it for him. Well here is my list of what I can do for others and by doing, do it for Jesus.

  1. Give unwanted, unneeded stuff to homeless shelters or families I know that are in need; instead of throwing it away.
  2. Volunteer around town to help the sick and the needy. 
  3. Go around at family get together and help serve the children and elderly their food before I get my own. 
  4.  Help my younger siblings when they need help. 
  5. Be there for my friends and family when they need me. 
  6. Pray for those I cannot directly help. 
  7. Be a cheerful giver. 
  8. Bring cans of food to the food drives. 
  9. Use my gifts to help others. (Sew dresses for orphans, Work with animals, play and sing music) 
  10. Do what needs to be done without being told. 

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