Monday, February 13, 2012

Memory Monday: When I grow up.

Growing up I went through many "when I grow up" stages. 

The first was 'Emily Elizabeth' and have a great big RED dog... 
Then I discovered that Both Clifford and Emily were figments of Norman Bridwell imagination... 
(Can you say devastated) 

Well a few months past and I discovered dinosaurs. 
So I decided that when I grew up I would be paleontologists.... 

Well that idea was around for almost two years(age 4&5) before I discovered that Dinosaurs were no loner alive, and I would not be able to have one as a pet. So that idea went out the window. 

After that was my 'dirty old man' stage...
Me being a dirty Little girl. I wasn't old yet. 

Now let me explain that one, you see my grandfather is a mechanic. And I loved going out there to help him.
Now like most children, I LOVED stories, so I would ask my grandfather to tell me a story while we worked. 
Well one of his favorite stories to tell was the one about when he was a little girl, he went to Girl's scouts. 
Now what I did not know was he was two years old and his Mom ran the girls scouts that year and he went because of that. It wasn't because he was once a girl. It wasn't till about three years later my mom caught on to this and explained it to me.

There also was the 'Cowgirl' stage
The Farmer stage
The hermit stage
The Goat herd stage
And many, many more.

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