Monday, February 27, 2012

Memory Monday: My foulest Memory

MY ASTHMA, yep I was in and out of the hospital with it three times before we discovered my cat was the trigger... after that we got rid of the cat,  :'( and I had to to do the worst thing imaginable... Asthma treatments... these were six times a day lasting ten minutes each... I dreaded them. Thank goodness by the time I was five we had weaned me down to just two (which in my opinion was two too many) and when I was six we I was finally old enough to do the inhalers, these were better but I am allergic to all but one of them.

This past year I have come off of all my medications (Except for my allergy one, I have entirely too many allergies to Not take it.) I have gained forty pounds and grown a foot, (60lb-100lb, 4ft - 5ft ) and I have never had so much energy in my life. Although I still have to be careful when around my triggers, for I don't dare get to close to any of them. Although I do have a immanency inhaler just in case.

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