Friday, February 10, 2012

Finished Friday: Recycling

Our scrap bin. 

Recycling where I live is more difficult than in many other places. We do not have a big recycling plant anywhere close to where I live. Although in my family it is pushed to recycle, reduce, reuse. Although the reason why we do it is not because of the green movement, but on the contrary, we do it because that is what God commanded man kind in the Garden, right after he told him to name the animals. He told Adam to take care of the earth, and so we feel that by Recycling, Reducing, and Reusing what we can we can do this. So in what ways do we recycle?

Well first of all we make sure that we use as much of the food as we can, We have leftover soup at least twice a week. And if we cannot eat it we either feed it to our animals or we through it into the scrap bin outside.

Paper, how do we recycle paper? Well we shred it and use it as animal bedding then through it into the recycling bin.

Aluminum, How do we recycle it? Well first of all we very rarely use aluminum anything but we do actually have a Aluminum plant. So about once ever other year we squash all the cans and bring them down there.

Cardboard, normally we give it to the littles and let them have fun making crafts and what not out of it. (It is amazing how many things children can think of to use things. this is also how we recycle plastics we can recycle.)

We also as much as we can use containers with lids to put our leftovers so that we do not waste plastic bags.

We also instead of every child getting every child their own cloths. We pass them down and around from parent, to child, to cousin, to friend. And believe me by the time it gets through us it is very tattered and dengue.

We also try to only buy things that are worth their money, we do rarely buy things on a whim. Nor do we buy singly wrapped items.

So what do we do with the scrap bin? Well that is what a garden is for. When it has decomposed we take it and put it on the garden.

So that is how my family recycles.

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