Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thank You Everybody

This is from my Parents(I absalutly loved the Mini American girl Elisabeth doll my new wash rag and T shirt).

Our 2 secret Santas ( The teapot, Painting thing  Colored pencils, and Bracelet).

 Our secret Jesus (My Tigger Pillow pet (there are few who know that I like Winnie the Pooh) and My wonderful PINK lunch box it is absalutly perfect and my water bottle even fits.)

From my best friend,(A Star Trek book,( I LOVE STAR TREK) new calender and CHOCOLATE) 
My dad's side of the family

From Gma and Gpa a Pink square lunch box a Fiddling book (I am SO exited about that) flip flops, A gardening kit (I have loved using it on the garden already), A Pink hat, Electronic scissors, bracelets, a Beaded belt, and an Orange.

From A.M. U.N C.Ax2  = A gift card.


MY Mom's side of the family

C. T= candy and a wooden owl and glow in the dark bracelets

C family = home made lip balm

G. family= a necklace (I have worn it everyday I LOVE IT)

D. family= everything else so I will just name my favorites
My PINK zebra stripped stocking,
My zebra pillow pet I have sleped with it every night
My fanny/ backpack/ lunch box( I Love convertible bags:D)
 zebra earrings
And my new flowers!!!

From Papa and Mimi
Colored pencils
And nnew crafting scissors
I also got a Eagle Tea set (First picture in the green box)

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