Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spiritual Sunday: God Everywhere?

How is God Everywhere at once?

How is God everywhere at once? This is a question I have wondered about for years. This last Summer I was studying Astronomy (on my own) when I came across this article that said that said The math for the universe does not make since unless we look at it as a 12D object. That of course got me thinking " If the Universe is a 12D object then that makes God a 12D+ object. I wonder what it would be like to be looking at a universe that is smaller than ours." I love science so I desited to use it to figure it out (If the Evolutionists  can do it I can too.) So I used my imagination (something I am good at being Dyslex) to be God to a 1D universe. 

There you are My 1D world. It is a bit big for what it would actually be like but I had to make it big enough to see OK now in this universe I can see the entire thing at once. I can see what they are all doing. That is how God can see everything at once also. 

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