Saturday, January 28, 2012

Song Saturday: Dyslexia

Actually, this is not a song, but a poem I came up with on the fly.


(V. Kathie Ardnek)

Dyslexia is like a mountain,
So very tall and high,
 Changing the whole way up,
 But the view makes me want to sigh!

Dyslexia is like a battle.
 That is fought with the mind,
Raging back and forth,
But the struggles can be left behind.

Dyslexia is like a river,
Rushing two and fro.
Round the trees and over rocks,
But it shall never go slow.

Dyslexia is like a painting,
That is drawn trough words,
It makes the words dance round the room,
Like the flight of  many birds.

Dyslexia is a Forest.
There seems no way out,
It frustrates you to no end,
So you only want to pout.

Dyslexia is a calm sea,
To where I do retreat,
When ever I am afraid.
For The adventures there are sweet.

Dyslexia is a challenge,
But a gift it also be,
Making things oh so real,
Helping the blind to see.

So I do implore you,
My dear friend.
To all the dyslexics in your life,
Will you try to understand?

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