Monday, January 16, 2012

Memory Monday: A trip to the zoo

A Trip to the Zoo 

I love to go to the zoo 
To see the creatures so free.
But my favorite trip by far,
Was the October when I was Three.

We all dressed up as so strange of things.
I as a bear of so little brain, 
With a little pot of sticky honey.
And my sister a princess with a large domain. 

When we got there
We did declare,
"We have to follow,
The brick road of yellow."

So off we went 
And a time we did spent 
With  our baskets with spooky faces. 
To find candy in so many places. 

My favorite part,
Was my honey depart. 
In which I placed my cup.
And when I wanted a sup.
over I went to drink.

So that concludes that trip to the zoo
I so hope you'll laugh anew,
The next time you go have fun.
On a very blustery Sun. 

 Ok this is just a draght of an idea for a poem it still needs a lot of work. Pleas comment and tell me how I should change what doesn't fit. 

(V. Kathie Ardnek) 

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