Monday, January 30, 2012

Memory Monday: My first Bible

I always considered myself somewhat of a David when I was little. I had between 3-30 Goats to watch from the time I about 3 1/2, till this past summer. Well for My fourth Birthday I got my very first Bible.

This is the one. 

Well soon after getting it I promised the goats I would read it to them ( The ideas of a four-year-old LOL) (Now remember I did not learn to read till I was almost 10) Well I did manage to get it down there one summer morning. I sat down on one of our old tires that were scattered about the goat pen and "Read" them the story of  Joseph I got no farther than explained why Joseph's brothers hated him so much when I heard from behind me 
"NOW WHAT do you think you are doing with BRAND NEW Bible at the Barn, Miss Merannan?" ( Merannan is what my mother calls me most of the time) I JUMPED I spun around and there standing behind me was my Mother with her hands on her hips. 

Now I promise you I never tried that stunt again after that. Although it was many years later before I stopped trying to lead those goats to Christ. 

Now thinking back since my mother called me Miss Merannan she probably wasn't that upset with me just amused but it did have the desired affect. 
Now this is not the time I took the Bible to the  barn.
But it is where I would sit to tell the stories. 

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