Monday, January 23, 2012

Memory Monday : 3 little monkeys

Three years ago I was spending the night with my two best friends and we were board. We had played many games that day and now we were board! Now my little sister had for her birthday gotten a "5 little monkeys" book and on the last page it said "But nobody said anything about the couch so that got us thinking. The friend at whose house I was ran and got her Grandmother to ask if we could take the pillows off the couch walk across the back and jump on to them... We were granted, so the three of us got onto the back of the couch and started chanting. The grandmother played the mother and the father played the Doctor.

Three little monkeys 
Jumping on the couch 
One fell off,
 And then said ouch 
Mama called the doctor,
And the Doctor grouched,

We would walk across jump onto the pile of pillow and very carefully bang our heads against the floor. 
What I did when I was 11. ;D

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