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My Book: Elvings Away!

Chapter 1

Holding down the fort

Elm immediately dropped what he was doing and dropped to the dirt floor of the small bomb shelter beside his brother as a wall of fire hit the window above making a wall of heat protrude into the small shelter.
Red Elm and his younger twin Red Oak were Rowan Elvings, Elm was a Tree Elving while Oak was a Ground Elving. They both had the same brown hair with red highlights. They both had the same brownish blue eyes.
They had been here a week keeping the North West corner lookout. It had originally been their Pa’s and Pama’s job, but Pama had died last year, and after he had died their older brother, Red Wood was to take his place. But alas Pa and Wood had been bringing the livestock with a bunch of the other men when the Dragons first attacked. Their father had been eaten and Wood’s feet had been burnt off when he dove into the hole leading into the newly built underground town and then was rushed to the hospital. So, them being the next oldest in the family, they got the job. That was a week ago…On their twenty-fourth birthday.
Rowan Years are not like earth’s years though. Their years are twice as long although the Rowans themselves age at a quarter the speed. So even though in their years they were twenty-four, they were actually forty-eight but looked to be about twelve.
Elm and Oak slowly got up and inspected the damage. They had given up long time ago when it came to fighting back. The Rowans had lost over a hundred good fighting men and over five hundred wounded. They glanced around, in one corner were their stuff, two sleeping backs, a folding table and chairs and two bags of cloths and necessities. There were two doors, one leading into the street of the underground-town and the other leading to the chard field above. There was a two foot thick flame proof window about six inches tall and three foot wide about neck level that they had to view the doings of the world above. 
 “Red Elm, I’m scared.” Oak said in a shaky voice.
“So am I, I wonder how this could ever be good?” Elm responded.
“All things work together for good, is what the good book said not that all things are good.”
“I know.” Just then a wall of fire came that way the boys dropped once again to avoid the heat of the flame. “I just don’t like this ducking business.”
“Nor I, but think if not us it would be the women.”
“Indeed, scary thought. Glad that we came out with this so-called heat proof windows or we would look a lot like Pa at this very moment. At least it keeps out most of the heat, but it is still hot enough to burn.”
“Tell me about it, Can you believe that a week ago we were running around in a winter-wonder-land awaiting the month of blessings, and now it is so hot we are out in summer clothes?
“Not really... I wonder when our sisters are going to bring us some supper I am starved.” Red Elm frowned. “What time is it?”
“Two freckles past three hairs.”
“Red Oak, What time is it really?”
 “Five forty-five, you have another fifteen minutes so hold those horses of yours.”
“Look, Oak, What is that?” Red Elm said pointing at a strange bird up in the sky. It was brown with a white head and tail, and just a bit bigger than the dragons themselves. The boys watched it for a while then out of the sky come strait down from outer space came another and another, and another. Soon they started chasing off the Dragons the boys were so awe struck by the performance that when Rose Bud (The oldest sister) came in to drop of the food and pick up the news they did not hear her.
“What are you looking at Red?” (Red is what she called them when she was addressing both.) the boys jumped, standing between and just barely behind them was their sister. They stared at her for a moment in complete surprise at finding her, so she repeated her question. “What are you looking at?”
“We are looking at those strange birds that are fighting and killing the dragons.” Red Elm said being the first to regain his speech.
“Where” she asked placing a hand over her eyes to help block the sun,” Oh, now I see them, those little brown and white specks that are rapidly getting larger.
“Yep,” Oak said finally regaining his speech, “Do you know what type of bird that is?”
“Nope, But I know how to find out.” She said with a grin “Well are you just going to look at the birds or are you hungry because if you do not eat the food, soon it will get cold.”
The boys looked at each other then went to a back corner where a table had been set up with there supper on top. They grabbed some stools from a different corner then sat down to eat. Rose ran off to finish her deliveries.

Rose ran down the tunnels and passages that made up their small under ground town. “This place sure is crowded since the tree Elvings as well as the ground have been living here but… at least they were not killed like Pa was.” She shuddered remembering the seen of her father and brother being scorched as well as quite a few other tree Elvings. With so many elvings dead and injured She had not had a brake from being a delivery girl since the attack. She could not imagine what the Elvings with the gift of Herbalist were going through. She had not seen any of the burn victims except for their brother. Cherrie blossom (her slightly younger sister whose gift was herbolagy) had said he would make it but she had taken him to the small hospital anyhow. “Well,” she thought as she rounded the corner into the last hall before she went into the bakery where she was assigned delivering girl, “All I have left to deliver is to the hospital… thank goodness I am not the only delivery girl or I would never get done.” She at that moment came to the door of the bakery. She burst into the door.
“Alright, Rose, now take that basket of sandwiches to the hospital and that will be then end of the supper runs and you can report to your sister for what ever she needs.” said the head baker; Mrs. Elephant tusk. “How are your brothers at the Northern lookout?”
  “These strange birds showed up to day and they are killing and chasing away the Dragons.” Rose said as she picked up the basket of sandwiches and taking off her backpack, she moved it to her front and then put strapped the bread basket to her back.
 “What type of birds are they, Rose?”
“Not sure.” She said
“Well, you better hurry before those sandwiches get stale.”
“Alright, off I go. What time do you think you will need me in the morning?”
“Oh… The normal time will do.”
“OK. Bye then.”  Rose said as she hurried out the door, and down the street towards the hospital. When she got there Aunt Tiger was in the drop-off room. She dropped the basket of sandwiches at her feet.
“Rose! Thank goodness, supper. Just leave that with me, and I will go pass it out so you can go see your Mother and sister in your brother’s room. They need to talk to you… alone.” Aunt Tiger said in a sad voice.
Worry shot into Rose’s eyes “What’s wrong?”
“You will have to go see.” she said, shooing Rose into the hall of the hospital. Rose grabbed some sandwiches, threw them into her back pack, and took off at a brisk walk towards the stairs. She went down two floors, and headed to her brother’s room. She could not help but to wince at the stench of burned skin that the halls held.
“What’s wrong Cherrie?” she blurted, as she burst into the room.
Both Ma and Cherrie looked up. “Shhhhh.” They said as if one.
“What’s wrong?” she repeated in a whisper.
“He has gone into a coma.” Cherrie whispered “Have you finished your delivery runs yet?”
“Yes, Cherrie; Do you think he will make it?” she said as she walked over and held their oldest brother’s hand.
“I don’t know Rose, Aunt Tiger has been through it and through it but with how tired we are.” Cherrie shrugged “We could have missed the obvious.” For the first time Rose noticed how tired her sister looked.
“When was the last time you slept Cherrie?”
“Sleep, what is that? Did you bring supper? I am so hungry I could eat an elephant.”
“Yes I did.” She took off her backpack and set it on the edge of the bed then handed out the sandwiches. They each took one and ate it hungrily.
“So, how are Elm and Oak fairing at the look out?” Ma asked as she finished her sandwich.
“Oh, I almost forgot! Today, these birds showed up and they are destroying the Dragons!”
“What type of bird?” Cherrie asked with her mouth full. Her mother gave her a hard look, and Cherrie swallowed sheepishly.
“I do not know, But they are quite large and...” Rose went on to tell about the birds.
“I never heard of such birds before; but The Prophesy did say, that after the tribulation that a peculiar people group would help us.” Ma yawned.
“Ma, Cherrie if you two are going to be of any help with finding the cure you two had better go to sleep. I will sit up with Red Wood while you two sleep.” Rose said, shooing them to the corner of Red Wood’s room where four cots had been set up for the family. Rose smiled as she noticed Apple Blossom (the youngest sister) sound asleep. Ma and Cherrie shrugged and went and climbed into bed, for they were too tired to fight her when she got into this mood. Rose settled down into the big soft chair beside Red wood. “What type of birds are they?” she asked her ring. It did nothing, so she asked it another question “Is it from around here?” the stone in the center turned black. “That means no, so they are not any type of bird from the Rowa.”  She thought for a few minutes then asked “Is it a Hawk.” She looked down, black. “Is it a type of Eagle?” The stone turned white “Yes.” She breathed. She closed her eyes and thought, “Red Elm.”
A few seconds passed then Red Elm face appeared in her mind. “You found it out Rose? What type of bird is it?”
“It is an Eagle.” She answered
“Strangest Eagle I ever did see.  Most Eagles are solid brownish- goldish color, but … OK. Well, I had better get back to work. Talk to you when you bring our breakfast in the morning, Bye, sis.” Red Elm hung up.
Rose opened her eyes and sat back in the chair “Now to find a cure.” She said and fell deep into questioning her ring.

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