Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas! Christmas!

Christmas! Christmas!

1st verse
All He needed was a humble stable,
All He needed was a lowly stall.
All He needed was a humble manger,
To take His first nap of all!
2nd verse
All they needed was a heavenly host,
To tell them of Emanuel.
All they needed were some singing angels,
A wondrous story to tell.
3rd verse
All they needed were two old people,
Who were waiting to see His face!
All they needed were a pair of pigeons,
They bought to take His place.
4th verse
All they needed was a twinkling star;
 To bring the Magi from the East.
But that city stop was a mistake,
Herod wanted His life to take.
5th verse
All they needed was one small vision,
To tell them of Herod’s nasty plot.
But all the families of Bethlehem,
That night they never forgot.
6th verse
 So let us all remember now,
What God has done for all of us!
So let us now show all of the word,
For their belief is a must.
Cos’ it’s Christmas, Christmas,
The season of loving,
Christmas! Christmas!
The season of giving,

The season we all hold so dear,
When all of our families are near.
When he came down from up above,
To show his mercy, and his love.

Friday, December 30, 2011


I have been making soap with my Mom for as long as I can remember. This year I decided  to do it "All by myself"
Melting and stirring the soap  

Santa's Soap Shop. LOL

These are actually Lotion bars.   

Here are the Soaps

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday. Christmas 2011

 Family Traditions: Decorating Grandma's house 

Christmas craft projects 

I GOT A PILLOW PET! Not zebra but I like Winnie the Pooh too (SHHH don't tell.) 
I also got an American girl miniature Elizabeth doll but I could not find it's picture. 
I will do my top 5 things next Thursday. 

And don't laugh, My 10th grand child "Twinkle" (The Goat)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The power of Prayer

This year many things have happened to my family. At the beginning of this month we didn't have enough for very much Christmas. So I prayed and asked God to provide my siblings a Christmas.
That next week while I was going to go take care of our animals "Santa" came by and dropped off a small box of stuff to divvy out. Then some time later another "Santa" dropped of a handful of objects. Then "Secret Jesus" dropped off a BIG black bag of wrapped presents.
I thank all of our Santas that brought us stuff for, I have never had such a wonderful Christmas in my life. I have gotten 3 out of the 5 object of my wish list.

V. Kathie Ardnek
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