Monday, June 13, 2011

Allowance and Payment of Chores

Should parents give their children allowances? This is a question every couple will have to ask themselves when they go from couple to family. So what is my view on it?
First of all I believe that the child is not entitled to a pay check just because they live in the home. They must learn that money is something that is rare and hard to get, it is a tool not a toy to be trifled and to tease others with. It is something to be labored for.
When should you start giving the child allowances? I think you should start around the mid-way point of Kendergarden. Start by giving them small tokens like a nickle or a dime for doing stuff like getting their home work done, or sweeping the floor, or cleaning their room. As they get older give them more. what my family did when I was younger is we had a jar with little home made envelopes with different chores written on them when we would go to the jar reach in take one do what is said on it then we would put in our jar at the end of the day we could look inside the envelopes and see what was inside sometimes it had really cool stuff like tickets to 30min on the computer or overnight with relatives other times it had really horrid things like ABC gum or a big kiss. Sometimes their was money in it but that was rareish.
So now when do I believe they should get a real allowance? I believe that it should be when they are old enuff to acculy love going shopping if you have a child who loves to shop you should give that child a allowance early. Now that they have their own money they have to really think about what they want and what they need with that money have to buy extra snacks, treats, toys, fancy school supplies, extra cloths. Personaly I think this age is about eight or nine depending on the child.
One good way to start the child is games like FarmVille where thy have to buy, sell, store, make, grow so they can buy really cool stuff. My brother who is just turned six is able to do grater than, less than with numbers up to six didgets he has been playing a lot of face book games like FarmVille the last two years when he started he was lucky to get the hundreds right now he is in the millions.
So this is my view. yours may not be the same but we are all different.

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