Friday, June 11, 2010

Betsy's spiteful tongue

Narrator: Betsy is the oldest girl in the Nannav family she has one big brother and 10 younger siblings. Her youngest sister Sarah had Just been born a week ago and she's just about to turn 10.
(Talking to Mom)
Betsy: Mom, you have been on bed rest for a week now. Normally you are up and running around at this point and tomorrow is my Birthday!

Mom: Betsy I know you want to have the day off but this is my 12 baby I have had and I am needing more rest than I have had with the rest of you'll. besides you have your brothers and sisters to help you with the chores and you do not need to take the world on your shoulder and run the house. Your father is out in his shed most of the time and you only have laundry, baking, kitchen with Nancy, the garden with all of the girls and keeping clean diapers on the littles. and that isn't very much and Nancy is going to do the baking for you and the kitchen, and I have even canceled school for the next month.

Betsy: But I am not going out with Dad on our ride to the invention graveyard!!!!!!

Narrator: Daddy Nannav was a inventor/mechanic. And every year on their birthday they would go with Dad to see the inventions he had back their that had failed. Last year it was a push mobile that was to close to some other product that had already been invented.

Mom: (looking at her stubbornness with sad eyes) oh well you'll Just have to do your outing on Sunday during nap time. I'll should be able to manige by then.

Betsy: (storming out of the room With a scowl on her face, and tossing her Golden curls) fine I just will.( slamming the door)

Narrator: the next day she was in the biggest tizzy ever for normally mom had done all of her chores on her Bday. But here she was changing dippers, folding laundry,and worse yet baby sitting.

John : leve me alone.

Betsy: I am not aloud to leave you alone when you're being bad. Do you want a spanken you brat.

Father: (hears ruses outside his shop and comes out) Betsy what is going on out hear, and what did I just hear you say?

Betsy: This brat john was pulling Mary's pig tails.

Father: (puts hands on his hips) Betsy, you know you're not allowed to spank, and on top of that you are suppose talk politely to everybody - even your siblings and never call them "brat". John, Mary is proud of those pigtails and you need to stop pulling hair. Betsy for that your ride has been postponed for next month and Your not aloud near the horses till then + I want you to have memorized Proverbs 31:10-31 and Jams 2:13 in the next 4 hours.

Betsy: I am sorry I disobeyed you I'll do it right away.

Narrator: Betsy was very careful after that to not let her tongue and bitterness get the better of her and she treasured the great lesson she learned the rest of her life. John did not go unpunished either he had to do starlight's stall since Betsy couldn't.And Mom was back to her normal self by the end of the next week.

The End

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